Big Changes on 0.09

As the Saurian Team approach full release on their game, I do as well with Saurian 2D.  Up until now, the game was no different from the actual Saurian game in terms of objective and gameplay: Survive. Plain and simple. While I don't fully know if there will be a goal in Saurian, I think a good fan game should provide a twist on the base material. So far, the twist was that the game is top down, and 2D with pixel graphics. But this was changed in version 0.09.

 Now, the player can die of age, and the player can breed with other raptors as an adult. When you breed (this can be done as an adult by simply colliding with another raptor), You become the next generation. Every time you breed, you become the baby raptor. The game resets in a way, and you have to repeat the process of surviving until adulthood and then breeding. Eventually, I plan to add post-impact survival. But until then, goodbye. - Equii

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