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Lovely game, 10/10 would play watch use again...

That's the problem, all were doing is watching, a lifetime of fun for some, but it gets old, so it would be nice for a simple way to meddle slightly, all i mean is a little way to add food or something, so were keeping the same little creatures, but affecting their life. Because I'm not really keen on ditching my friends I've "Bonded With" for a few days, for different results as it would appeal more to the other type of people who like to think of these guys as pets or something.

Lovely simulation, apologies for mixing it up with a game.

But still, very good game, a lot of fun fitted into less then pretty realistic for 2 Megabytes.

And also, for some reason it crashed after a few minutes, not sure if my own problem, or not

Would also love a 0.0.5, as i see it's not bee updated in a while.


pls make it a mobile game it would be nice to see your little critters whenever you feel like it


I'll see what I can do :)